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FBO Mopar Distributor Limiter Plate

Item #: FBOJ685

Price: $35.00



0-10-12-14-16-18* Mechanical Timing limits

This FBO Advance limiter plate will allow you to have the limiting abilities of a Mopar Performance Distributor in minutes.

Quick easy and changeable as your engine performance level changes.

One Simple plate gives you 0-10-12-14-16-18* Mechanical Timing limits

We all are aware that in order to run a performance engine we need to have more initial timing in the motor but we need to still control the total timing which on most Mopar Engines is 34* or they will detonate.

In the past the you stripped down the distributor to remove the T-Bar and then guessed how much to weld up the slots to shortened the total limit or the amount of travel the weights had which is the mechanical timing limit.

Once you had it all welded and filed smooth then you reassembled, ran the engine and checked the amount of total mechanical timing, then you took it all apart again and filed or welded more by guess and by golly and tried it again.... repeat several times to finally get it close.

No more! Figure out the amount of mechanical timing you need, drop in the plate and your done!

The laser etched numbers on the disc tell you the amount of mechanical timing so for instance...

If you want 18 degrees of initial timing you set the plate on the 16* slot 18+16= 34* total

If you want 24 degrees of initial timing you set the plate on the 10* slot 24 +10= 34* total

If you want to lock down the distributor with NO Mechanical timing at all then just drop the plate over the 0 round hole.

Now you have all the adjustability of a Mopar Performance distributor for a fraction of the cost.