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Energy Suspension - Complete Poly-KITS

Hyper-Flex Master Bushing Sets Tech Hyper-Flex System – Performance Master Bushing Set Everything you need in one convenient package!

Made from our Hyper-Flex™ performance polyurethane.

An instantly noticeable performance upgrade over stock.

Available for most car, truck, and SUV applications.

Enjoy heightened vehicle stability, precise control, and unrivaled durability.

Reduce wheel hop and improve traction.

Restores and improves your suspension components with a better-than-new feel.

Race proven for by professional and amateur racers alike.

Don’t just replace your worn mounts and bushings, give your vehicle a dramatically higher degree of performance.

This is the high-tech solution to performance handling and control. Energy's Hyper-Flex System Master Bushing Sets contain our complete offerings for your application. *

Energy's Hyper-Flex™ polyurethane, when compared to rubber, is comprised of higher durometer material that ensures long-lasting, durable performance. O.E.M. rubber bushings and mounts cannot come close. Our polyurethane is smooth enough for street cars and weekend racers, yet durable enough for pro racing!

*Please note: Many master sets do not contain sway bar components, because of the various sizes offered by the vehicle manufacturer. These will have to be ordered separately. Please see our catalog for available sway bar component listings for your application.

Energy Suspension Hyperflex Bushing Kit
Fits: 1966-76 A Body, Polyurethane, Black
Energy Suspension Hyperflex Bushing Kit
Fits: 1966-72 B Body, 1970-74 E Body, Polyurethane, Black