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Engine Information & Assembling Books

This is the where you can find the latest and useful information for working on your Chrysler engine.

Mopar Performance Magnum Engines
This brand new book from Mopar Performance Parts contains Magnum engine build-up information, speed secrets, and racing tips. It has been completely updated and includes performance information on 5.2L and 5.9L V-8, 8.0L V-10, 3.9L V-6 and 2.5L 4-cylinder Magnum engines, including our 300 and 380 horsepower Magnum Crate engines. This book is a must for every Magnum engine owner/racer. (450 pages).
Mopar Late Model Oval Track Engine Build-Up Manual
Mopar Performance's Late Model Oval Track Engine Build-Up Manual is recommended for anyone who wants to build a Mopar 340-410 c.i.d. late model oval track racing engine. Written by Mopar Performance race engineers, this step-by-step buildup manual contains information on cylinder block preparation, oiling system planning and modifications, cylinder head and valvetrain preparation, short block preparation, and induction and ignition setup. Also included are complete part and supplier listings. Whether you're racing in CASCAR, ARCA, USAR Pro Cup, or any other late model sanctioning organization, this manual contains all of the information that you need to know, straight from the people who know it best!
Mopar Performance Hemi Engines
If you currently own or have ever dreamed of owning a Hemi-powered vehicle, you'll want to get this book from Mopar Performance Parts. It includes an extensive chapter on Hemi development and racing history, as well as detailed information on 331-354-392 Hemis, 426 Street and Race Hemis, Hemi Crate engines, carburation, ignition systems, racing secrets, engine blueprinting, performance modifications and more! Contains hundreds of photos, illustrations, tables and charts. The most comprehensive book ever published on a Hemi engine from the company that designed and built it! (456 pages)