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Bolt-in Front Driveshaft loop

The only true 100% Bolt-in Drive shaft loop available for your Mopar that requires no drilling, cutting or welding to install. The US Car Tool - Driveshaft Loop bolts to the factory transmission crossmember using the factory mounting points and is made of powdercoated ¼” steel plate. All components are Laser Cut and Mig welded for an OEM type fit and includes all Grade 8 Fasteners. Everything you need for the install is in the box (except a Muscle car to install onto!).

Will not fit X-Pipe exhaust systems

Most Racing venues require a driveshaft loop when your car reaches a certain performance level. The NHRA rules require a driveshaft loop within 6" of the front U-joint when your car is capable of 13.99 quarter mile times with slicks or 13.00 with street tires. Many Circle tracks require driveshaft loops in order to compete. Why take chances with your valuable Mopar?

Fits All A, B & E body cars

Small blocks, Big Blocks and Hemi Automatics (727 & 904) and 4-speed 7260, 7290 and 1350 U-joints 5" ID loop for Stock or extra large diameter racing driveshaft Stock Exhaust - Single and Dual - including headers H Pipe Cars (Factory Hemi & 440-6 pack) Most aftermarket large H & X pipe cars (TTi etc.)

Mancini Racing B/E Body Drive Shaft Loop
Fits: 64-72 B & E Body
Mancini Racing A body Drive Shaft Loop
Fits: 1963-72 A Body