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Chassis Fastener Kits

Chassis Fastener Kits

The authentic hardware you need to correctly reassemble the engine components which attach to the long-block. Most fasteners are either meticulous reproductions or New Old Stock. Automotive companies used multiple suppliers for high volume part numbers.

AMK carefully select popular markings. Most items are made in USA to the same standards required by Chrysler.

Save up to 25% over the individual kit price.

Typical kit includes O.E. fasteners to attach: accelerator pedal, axle housing, ball joints, brake booster, brake calipers, differential carrier, driveshaft, engine brackets, gas tank, idler arm, K-frame, leaf spring hangers & front eye, master cylinder, parking brake control, rotor shields, steering gear & linkage, suspension bumpers, sway bar support, trans crossmember, trans insulator, wheel cylinders. Check out the kits below for detailed information.