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Complete Engine Replacement & Swap Kits with PolyLocs

NEW! Blow Out Proof PolyLoc™ Mounts

Schumacher Creative Services and Imperial Services have teamed up to create our most requested new product - revolutionary polyurethane mounts with a unique, heavy duty internal interlocking feature. This blow out-proof design limits expansion of the mount on the driver's side while also limiting compression on the passenger's side. This means both sides work together simultaneously to provide a rugged mechanical lock to keep your engine in place during acceleration.

The photo of a cross section (above, left) of the new Magnum Polyloc™ mount illustrates the unique internal interlock mechanism that, when power is applied, prevents the two mount plates from pulling apart - yet, also allows for movement about the centerline of crankshaft rotation, to help dampen vibrations transmitted to the chassis.

Schumacher's Magnum Polyloc™ mounts are manufactured at Imperial Service's state-of-the-art facility in Frankenmuth, MI (yes, that's the USA). They feature high quality steel that is hand formed and welded by Imperial's skilled craftsmen, then zinc dichromate plated for corrosion resistance. Next, they are inspected, prepped and molded using state of the art polymers.

Currently our new Polyloc™ mounts are available for original small block and big block '67-72 A-body, '62-72 B-body, '66-73 C-body, '70-74 E-body, and B & E-body original Hemi. '72 & up truck mounts will be available in the near future.

Complete Replacement and Swap Kit
1963-65 B-Body B/RB Replacement Kit w/Poly-Locs