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Mopar Distributor Mechanical Advance Timing Limiter w/spring kit

Item #: FBOJ685SK

Price: $59.99



Fits ALL V-8 Mopar Factory Style Magnetic Pick-Up or Points Distributors

FBO Ignition - J-685S Limiter Plate with 6 piece Spring kit

FBO’s Latest Design gives you 6 Mechanical/Idle Advance Timing Choices

Fits ALL V-8 Mopar Factory Style Magnetic Pick-Up or Points Distributors Thousands in service worldwide for over 30 years

This kit enables you to limit your mechanical timing to achieve more initial timing without detonation.

Tune any Mopar Distributor into a Track Ripping Performance Distributor No More Welding and filing the slots, drops right in! Perfect every time.

Installing these precision components and dialing the distributor to the most efficient timing events will still NOT bring your engine to the perfect tune-up. If your trying to run any of the standard ECU boxes especially the Orange Box your timing will still retard by 6-10* under moderate RPM and load. So no matter what you do to the distributor your ignition system it will still steal HP and efficiency.

Consider our HRR688 Micro-Processor controlled Mopar ECU for exact and perfect timing to 7000 RPM with a built in REV Limiter and an Unprecedented 5 Year Warranty

It's your choice select 0-10-12-14-16 or 18* of Mechanical timing

Corresponding idle timing set at 34-24-22-20-18-16 (all total at 34*)

Full instructions on-line to disassemble and install