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CVF GM 1 Wire Alternator, 100 Amp

Item #: CVFB-GM-1WIRE-100A

Price: $119.99



GM 1-Wire Alternator, 100 Amps, Black Powder Coated

At CVF Racing our alternators are specifically designed to work with pulleys at low RPM so you can be certain that your alternator will charge throughout the RPM range. A lot of high amp alternators just by shift the RPM range higher to get more power at the expense of low end charging. (Kind of like a really big cam)

Our alternators are assembled and tested in the USA with the highest quality components and guaranteed to get you home. We use high quality insulating materials to keep your alternator running at high amps. You don't want to trust the performance of your charging system to a cheap alternator from overseas.

1-Wire Alternator Wiring Instructions

Advertised Output: 100 Amps
Voltage: 12V DC
Regulator: Internal
Finish: Black Powder Coated
Case: GM10SI
Pulley & Alternator Fan Not Included