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67-75 A-Body GM2004R Cross-Member Kit

Item #: USCAM2016

Price: $376.99



Engineered to facilitate installing a GM GM2004R overdrive automatic transmission into a Dodge/Plymouth Mopar A Body car. Requires additional fabrication and welding. Replacement center section for the factory transmission cross-member center section, includes transmission mount. This is used when a non-OEM transmission is installed into a Factory car and additional clearance is required for the transmission tail-shaft and the speedometer or VSS cable/sensor. The factory floor remains in the original location, requires removal of the factory torsion bar cross-member center section and welding in the replacement USCT transmission cross-member. The USCT cross-member is a fully boxed section, engineered to provide the structural integrity that would be lost by removing the factory cross-member. The kit includes the cross-member, lower transmission mount, Grade 8 mounting hardware and instructions for installation. The components are all factory jig tack-welded, ready for seam welding during installation. Requires fabrication and welding to install.