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Mopar Dodge Plymouth Steering Gear Bolts

Item #: USCFM3002

Price: $28.99



Fits: 6776 B & 7074 E Body

BRAND NEW Mopar Dodge Plymouth Steering Gear High Strength Bolts and Lock Washers This kit has the three brand new (3) High Strength fasteners you need to install your Steering Gear (steering box) onto your factory K-frame.

The Factory MOPAR OEM bolts for the steering gear (steering box) where high strength bolts that often had a thick six point head and sometimes where 12 point style (as these are). The bolts in our kit are Extreme Strength (stronger than Grade 8 bolts), have a minimum of 180,000 psi tensile strength and use a 12 point head for greater driver contact to deliver more torque. Use a standard 12 point hex socket to tighten these bolts.

Even the lock washers are special - they are a "high shoulder" design that is thicker and has a narrow diameter to fit in the recess space on the Factory Steering gear - a regular lock washer WILL NOT FIT!

This kits fit all the B Body and E Body mopars from 1967 through 1976. Some 1966 B Bodies use a smaller thread size! These are hard to find, why use old used bolts?