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Mr.Gasket Ultra-Seal Exhaust Gaskets

Item #: MRG5949

Price: $35.99



Fits: Small Block, Magnum

Exhaust Gaskets, Header, Ultra-Seal, Steel Core Laminate, Stock Port, Pair

Port Style: Stock

Gasket Material: Steel core laminate

Port Height (in): 1.680 in.

Port Width (in): 1.250 in.

Quantity: Sold as a pair.

These premium exhaust gaskets from Mr. Gasket are designed and constructed to improve the sealing of exhaust header flanges. Unlike standard exhaust gasket material, Ultra-Seal exhaust gaskets incorporate a graphite-impregnated facing and a steel-expanded metal core that reinforce and increase the tensile strength. This allows the gaskets to conform to warped flanges, giving them better sealing capabilities without deteriorating or cracking under the excessive heat and pressure that is common in the exhaust system.