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TREMEC TKX 5 SPEED GM 26 spline, 3.27 1st gear, .72 O.D.

Item #: TRETCET18083

Price: $2,799.00



26 spline, 3.27 1st gear, .72 O.D.

TREMEC engineers took a forward-looking approach to finding the best and most efficient solution to aftermarket transmission needs.

This included universal packaging, excellent shifting performance, and extreme durability. The result is. The new TKX, a 5-speed RWD manual transmission developed solely for the aftermarket. Capable of 600 lb-ft of torque, 8000 RPM engine speeds and 7500 RPM shifts. It also has three shifter locations and a compact design allowing multiple applications with little to no floor pan modifications.


• All-new 5-speed, single overdrive manual transmission designed, tested and built specifically for the aftermarket.

• Special grade steel shafts and wide gears provide 600 lb.-ft. of torque capacity, 8,000 RPM engine speeds and 7,500 RPM shifts.

• Three-piece aluminum housing provides outstanding structural stiffness and increased case strength.

• Gaskets at all flanges to simplify installation and eliminate fluid leaks.

• Superior shift-ability through the use of multi-cone synchronizers.

• Gear layout and caged needle bearings reduce end play while minimizing noise, vibration and harshness (NVH).

• Single 0.68 overdrive reduces engine wear and fuel consumption.

• Three shifter locations and a compact design allow multiple applications with little to no floor pan modifications.

• 26-spline input shaft with a 31-spline output shaft for added strength.

• Built-in reverse light switch and cruise control safety switch provide safety and creature comfort for any application.

• GM case pattern, input configuration and integrated GM transmission mount pattern.


Brand Tremec

Case Material Aluminum

Drive Type RWD

Gear Ratio-Fifth .72

Gear Ratio-First 3.27

Gear Ratio-Fourth 1.00

Gear Ratio-Second 1.98

Gear Ratio-Third 1.34

Part Type High Performance

Product Type Manual Transmission

Reverse Gear Ratio 3.00

Torque Rating (Ft/Lbs) 600

Transmission Model TKX

Transmission Speeds 5

Transmission Type Manual