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Mancini Racing Torsion Bar Remover/Installer

Item #: MRE23461

Price: $52.99

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Fits: A, B, C, E Body

The torsion bar remover and installer tool helps make it easier for you to complete either action with the torsion bar.

To remove the torsion bar, release the tension on it, and remove the clip in the rear. Then clamp the torion bar remover to the torsion bar and tap the tool with a hammer until the torsion bar is loose.

To install the torsion bar, clamp the torsion bar installer to the torsion bar and tighten it. Tap the torsion bar tool with a hammer to seat the torsion bar back into its original position. Install the clip in the rear.

CNC technology to ensure manufacturing consistency of each torsion bar tool, which is machined from quality steel.