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Due to the GREAT positive response from Professional Engine Builders and Racers using our Premium Carburetor Base Gaskets. We find it fitting to continue the unsurpassed quality tradition and introduce our NEW Premium Quality Fuel Bowl, Metering Block and Power Valve Gaskets for the popular Holley® based carburetors.

-Factory Applied Anti-Stick Coating, Does Not Stick!

-Highly Resistant to Gasoline and Alcohol

-Temperature Rated Up to 400ºF

-Flexible Synthetic Fiber & High Rubber Content Maintains Proper Bolt Torque

-Does Not Wick Fluids

-Conforms Well to Minor Surface Imperfections

Fuel Bowl & Metering Block Kit, 2 Circuit
Fits: 2300, 4150, 4160, 4165 & 4500 Double Pump