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Stroker Kit, 440-496 Cubic Inch, .990 Pin

Item #: MRE440496FE84-8B3D

Price: $2,699.99

Balance Assembly: 


Forged Crank / Forged Flat Pistons

CI: 496

Crank: 444241506760 (8-Bolt)

Crank Stroke: 4.150"

Rod: CRS6760-B3D (.990)

Rod Length: 6.760"

Rod Style: H-Beam


Piston Class: FORGED

Type: FLAT

Bore: 4.375

Comp. Ratios

72CC: 12.4

80CC: 11.4

84CC: 11.0


These forged 4340 steel crankshafts from Eagle Specialty Products are great for high performance applications. They feature non-twist forging, go through a multi-stage heat-treatment process, and are stress-relieved and shot-peened. These cranks are X-rayed, magnafluxed, and sonic-tested, so you know you're getting a top-quality piece. Each crankshaft has chamfered oil holes for improved oiling, a .125 in. radius on rod and main journals for increased strength so chamfered bearings are required. All journals are precision-ground and micro-polished to less than 5 R.A. A target bob weight of +/- 2 percent greatly reduces balancing time. Eagle crankshafts are rated to support up to 1500 horsepower.


Eagle ESP H-beam connecting rods. Their 2-piece, forged, vacuum-degassed, 4340-certified steel construction provides outstanding strength, while still weighing much less than stock rods. Each rod is multi-stage heat-treated, x-rayed, sonic-tested, magnafluxed, 100 percent machined, and shot-peened to stress-relieve the metal. The rods have precision cap alignment sleeves to positively locate each rod cap. They come standard with 190,000 psi rated 7/16 ARP 8740 (750 Horsepower rating).


Big Block Chrysler Street/Strip forged Diamond Pistons are designed to fit most Mopar OEM open and closed chamber heads. Can be used with small nitrous application kits. Ratios are configured for .009" -.025" deck height @ 9.980". Standard 1/16" x 1/16" x 3/16" ring package. Premium 8620 wrist pins are included. Gasket volume= 9.9cc, Top ring down from piston crown .240", Max valve diameter 2.140" intake and 1.850" exhaust valves. Valve relief depths .197" intake and .163" exhaust.


H series rod bearings have a medium level of eccentricity, high crush and rod bearings have a hardened steel back and thin overlay. These bearings also have enlarged chamfers for greater crankshaft fillet clearance and are made without flash plating for better seating.

P-Series main bearings are the oldest members of the Clevite 77 bearing family and are intended for high-revving engines. To compensate for the high-load factors and distortion in these engines, these bearings have higher eccentricity and a high crush factor. P-Series bearings are built on steel backings with extra-thin overlays to prevent overlay fatigue. In addition, the oil grooves on most applications extend all the way around both halves for better oiling.