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REV-N-NATOR I.C.U, and Matched Coil

Item #: RTG538ORANGE

Price: $254.95



Orange Ignition System

1. New Low profile button

2. New Auxiliary tachometer lead

3. New flat braided ground

4. New lower voltage starting capabilities

5. New matched high-performance, stock-appearing REV-N-NATOR coil. A must for optimal performance!

* With this new generation REV-N-NATOR , we highly recommend using our matched coil!

* Our matched coil will get the absolute best performance, power and run ability out of your REV-N-NATOR I.C.U.

* Our coil is a performance-matched coil for the REV-N-NATOR. It outperforms all other leading performance ignition coils.

* The highly recommended FireCore distributor for your REV-N-NATOR, and best runability, is now available from The R/T Garage. It has 3 sets of advance springs and is very easy to adjust the mechanical curve!

* The REV-N-NATOR ignition system was manufactured for PURE STOCK as well as performance and race applications. The REV-N-NATOR does not hurt your original date coded plug wires.

Same great product, Made in USA!