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REAR SUSPENSION, 66-67 MOPAR B-BODY - MOPAR, 66-67 B-BODY, S-ADJ, 12-170,8-3/4

Item #: QA1R152-175

Price: $2,224.99



Fits: MOPAR, 66-67 B-BODY

Swap your leaf springs for a triangulated four-link design that will transform the way your classic Mopar launches, handles and cruises down the road.

Proven triangulated 4 link design is popular with street/strip machines, pro-touring/road racers and autocross drivers

Mopar 8 3/4", Ford 9"

Improved traction during launch

Easy installation that requires minimal welding

Supports both standard and inboard spring locations

Gain greater anti-squat and pinion angle adjustability

Correct your wheelbase to fit larger wheels and tires

Has clearance for 3 over the axle exhaust

Made in the USA

Single--adjustable shocks eligible for a Limited Lifetime Warranty

Add the optional rear sway bar to further reduce body roll during hard launches and cornering.

Building on a long legacy of great engineering, service and quality, our Gerst-designed systems instantly upgrade to every aspect of your classic Dodge or Plymouth.

Systems are made in the USA and the shocks are eligible for a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

FAQs What brakes options are available for these systems?

The 4-link rear systems can be used with the OE brakes or converted to disk brakes. There are several configurations of axle bearings and offsets on the rear end. We encourage customers to call Wilwood at (805) 388-1188) for rear brake recommendations. It is the buyers responsibility to verify wheel/tire fitment for proper backspacing and caliper clearance for their wheels of choice

What parts need to be welded during installation?

The 4-link rear suspension requires three welding operations: 1. Welding of the upper crossmember to the frame rails

2. Welding 4 link tabs to the rear end housing (note: this requires 220 V welder and good penetration)

3. Rear sway bar upper bracket to frame rails. Sway bar brackets could be bolted as well.

Does the rear 4-link system work with relocated inboard spring location?

The QA1 rear suspension systems will work with both standard spring and inboard spring mounting locations. The unique lower shock mount design allows for this versatility.