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Coil-Over Conversion System, DRAG - MOPAR, 62-72 70-74 B/E, D-ADJ, 350 LB/IN

Item #: QA152348-D350

Price: $5,210.99



Fits: 62-72 B & 70-74 E Body Drag Race

Adjustability: Double Adjustable Shocks

Style: Drag Race

Amount of Drop: 0-2 Inches

Great-looking powder coated components improve performance and save weight while making it easy to swap engines, including Gen 3 Hemis. Coil-overs help you achieve the perfect stance and ride quality. Rack-and-pinion steering provides a modern feel and improved handling in any setting. Add the optional sway bar to further enhance performance and cornering capabilities.

• Drastically improve geometry, enhancing driving feel and cornering capabilities

• Designed for everyday driving, drag racing and handling

• Tubular design improves exhaust clearance while reducing weight

• Works with multiple engine configurations

• Made in the USA

• Single- and double-adjustable shocks eligible for a Limited Lifetime Warranty


• Single-adjustable shocks are recommended for cars used primarily on the street

• Double-adjustable coil-overs are recommended for consistent drag racing, autocross or road racing

• Gen 3 Hemi power steering pumps require a pressure reducer and the installation of a power steering cooler

• Coil-overs and control arms in this kit can NOT be used with other QA1 tubular products designed for torsion bar suspension

• Kits use Mustang II-style spindles for plenty of brake options

• Kits with 2-4” of drop require wheels to be least 18” in diameter