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Proform Carburetor Main Body, Replacement Kit

Item #: PFM67203

Price: $162.95



Fits: Holley, 650

Carburetor Main Body, Double Pumper, Mechanical Secondaries, No Air Horn, Each

Main Body Material: Cast zinc

Main Body Finish: Zinc iridited

Booster Type: Down-leg

Main Body Gasket Included: Yes

Metering Block Gaskets Included: Yes

Metering Plate Gaskets Included: No

Fuel Bowl Gaskets Included: Yes

Fuel Bowl Screw Gaskets Included: Yes

Jets Included: Yes

Jet Material: Brass

Jet Sizes Included: 72/84

Accelerator Pump Discharge Nozzle Included: Yes

Primary Discharge Nozzle Size (in): 0.031 in.

Air Bleeds Included: Yes

Air Bleed Material: Brass

Primary Outer Air Bleed Sizes Included: 73

Primary Inner Air Bleed Sizes Included: 36

Secondary Outer Air Bleed Sizes Included: 73

Secondary Inner Air Bleed Sizes Included: 36

Quantity: Sold individually.

Want to upgrade your street carburetor to a high performance race carb but don't have the means to do a complete carb swap? If you can turn a screwdriver, you can get 25 to 50 HP from these Proform main bodies. With no air horn, choke tower, or choke control to restrict airflow, they deliver extra power easily and affordably.