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Proform Wedge Locking Header Bolts

Item #: PFM66752

Price: $35.99



Fits: Mopar 413

Black Oxide Finish; 3/8"-16 Thread Diameter, 3/4" Long


Grade 8 (12.9) Steel

Hex Head Type

3/4-inch Length

Sold as One Set of 16 Pieces

PROFORM Wedge-Locking Header Bolts ELIMINATE the need to constantly re-tighten collector bolts, and without the need for clips, pins, racing-wire, chemicals or gunk. The secret is in the Wedge-Locking Washer's super-hardened external teeth that "bite" into the bottom of the bolt head and the top flange surface. Vibrations that normally cause other bolts to loosen, are blocked by the wedge-locking action that uses tension, instead of friction to stay snug. In fact, contact with oil actually facilitates the effect. Installs/uninstalls with a normal wrench, lubricate, and then reuse. Each set comes with sixteen Hex Head, Grade 8 (12.9) steel bolts (3/8"-16 thread, 3/4" long) with a black oxide finish, and pre-assembled Wedge-Locking Washers.