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Proform Self-Locking Wedge Header Bolts

Item #: PRO66751

Price: $31.99



Fits: Universal

Header Bolts, Wedge Locking, Hex Head, Steel, Black Oxide, 3/8-16 in. Thread, 0.750 in. UHL, Set of 12

Fastener Style: Bolt

Thread Size: 3/8-16 in.

Head Style: Hex

Underhead Length (in): 0.750 in.

Fastener Material: Steel

Fastener Finish: Black oxide

Quantity: Sold as a set of 12.

Proform self-locking wedge header bolts get a grip on your headers that won't let go—until you're ready! These permanently assembled bolts feature special washers with super-hardened serrated teeth that, when torqued to 28 ft.-lbs., bite into and grab the bottom of the bolt head and the top surface of the header. Any bolt-loosening rotation is blocked by the wedge-locking action created by the washers' interfacing cams; but what's really impressive is that engine vibration—the enemy—increases the tension, making them even more secure! They are re-useable and you can count on them to not fail. Proform self-locking wedge header bolts put an end to the constant tightening for a leak-free, headache-free future.