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Mr.Gasket Ultra-Seal Intake Manifold Gasket

Item #: MRG5841

Price: $44.99



Fits: Big Block, B/RB

Gaskets, Intake, Ultra-Seal, Composite, 2.26 in. x 1.21 in. Port, .060 in. Thick, Set

Port Style: Stock

Port Height (in): 2.260 in.

Port Width (in): 1.210 in.

Gasket Material: Cellulose/Nitrile composition

Thickness (in): 0.060 in.

Water Crossover Style: Open

Quantity: Sold as a set.

Notes: This gasket does not have the silicone bead around the ports.

Mr. Gasket Ultra-Seal gasket sets are made of a cellulose/nitrile material that is less compressible for excellent sealing and durability. This material has an anti-stick coating, plus a silicone bead around each intake port, except where noted, for a tight, leakproof seal. These gaskets are the perfect solution for intake-sealing problems associated with the small sealing areas between ports, and the different expansion rates of intake manifolds and cylinder heads. The choice of champions, these sets come complete with all necessary seals and can be trimmed to fit modified ports where needed.