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Moroso Race Oil Filter

Item #: MOR22470

Price: $28.99



Fits: Mopar 3/4 in.-16 UNF Thread, 5.250 in. High

Filters More Oil With Less Restriction!

Withstands Up To 300 psi Of Pressure!

Compatible With All Racing Fuels!

When tested to SAE j806, Moroso Racing Oil Filters produce a maximum initial restriction of only 2.5 psi! The result is less pressure drop, more flow, less oil bypass (when no filtration occurs at all), and maximum filtration performance that's so important in severe racing conditions.

Filtering out extremely small particles (20 microns or less) is fine for passenger cars with 10,000 mile service intervals - but not for racing or high performance street use! Low micron filtration reduces oil flow and pressure. And when too much restriction occurs, the by-pass valve opens, eliminating all filtration. Moroso's 27-micron element design insures full filtration with minimal restriction under the most severe operating conditions!

Oil Filter Style: Canister

Height (in): 5.250 in.

Filter Bypass Relief Valve: Yes

Anti-Drainback Valve: Yes

Smallest Particle Filtered: 27 microns

Maximum Burst Pressure (psi): 500 psi

Thread Size: 3/4-16 in.

Quantity: Sold individually.

To maximize filter performance, Moroso race oil filters have a filtration rating of 27 microns. This results in a maximum pressure drop of only 2.5 psi, which results in more flow, less oil bypass, and maximum filtration performance, which is so important in severe racing conditions. Made with roll-formed threads for a precise, tight fit, and with an anti-drainback valve to keep oil in the filter after engine shutdown, they are perfect for any race application.