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Dipstick with Tube, Engine, Braided Stainless Steel, Natural, Ford, Chrysler, V8, Each

Item #: MIL22040

Price: $94.99



Fits: Small Block Magnum, B/RB

Dipstick with Tube, Engine, Braided Stainless Steel, Natural, Chrysler, V8, Each

Locking: No

Dipstick Entry: Oil pan

Dipstick Handle Material: Billet stainless steel

Dipstick Handle Finish: Natural

Dipstick Tube Included: Yes

Dipstick Tube Material: Braided stainless steel

Dipstick Tube Finish: Natural

Quantity: Sold individually.

Notes: Designed for use with Milodon oil pans. Big and Small Block Chrysler Dipstick Note: The dipstick has been relocated into the rear sump of the oil pan. A screw-in style Ford bung welded into the pan will accept a late model Ford or the stainless CNC Milodon dipstick.

Made in the USA, these Milodon stainless steel oil dipsticks have a unique, sleek design. They are CNC-machined from billet stainless steel to stay bright and rust-free. All dipsticks feature an O-ring seal to keep dirt and moisture out, and the braided stainless steel hose will flex around headers, tube mounts, and anything else in the way. Tubes are included.