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Windage Tray Stud Kit, Steel, Black Oxide, Dodge, V8, Set

Item #: MIL81151

Price: $81.99



Fits: Small Block

Windage Tray Stud Kit, Steel, Black Oxide, Set

Fastener Style: Stud

Fastener Material: Steel

Fastener Finish: Black oxide

Fastener Nut Style: Standard hex

Quantity: Sold as a set.

Milodon windage tray stud kits are required to mount a windage tray assembly correctly. The adjustable mounting-position feature allows you to position the tray as closely as possible to the rotating assembly (minimum 1/10 in.), so the tray can work at its maximum potential. You can also adjust your tray to avoid interference with the oil pan (special torquing requirements apply, and the tray must lie naturally flat after positioning nuts are torqued).