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Engine and Accessory Fasteners, Black Oxide/Cadmium, Hex Head, Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth, Big Block, B/RB, Kit

Item #: MIL83016

Price: $139.99



Fits: Big Block

Engine Bolt Kit, Steel, Black Oxide, Hex Head, Chrysler, Set

Kits Include:

•Carb Studs

•Intake Bolts

•Valve Cover Studs

•Water Pump Bolts

•Timing cover bolts

•Balancer Bolt

•Header Bolts

•Oil Pan Bolts

•Water Neck

•fuel Pump Bolts

•Distributor Bolts

These Milodon engine bolt kits include all of the fasteners that you need to build a high performance engine, in one convenient box. You get carb studs, intake bolts, valve cover studs, timing cover bolts, a Grade 8 balancer bolt, water pump bolts, and header bolts. Also included are oil pan bolts, water neck bolts, fuel pump bolts, and distributor bolts.

Features include:

* Carb and valve cover studs have thread starter nose to allow for easy assembly

* Intake and header bolts use a reduced size 3/8 in. head to allow for greater access when tightening

* Timing cover and pan bolts have serrated washer faces to resist loosening, even with initial engine startup gasket shrinkage

* Water pump bolts for Chevys include both long and short water pump bolt sets; water pump and timing cover bolts for the Ford 302 include all 19 bolts required

* Balancer bolts are Grade 8 and include a heavy-duty washer and locking washer