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Mancini Racing Billet Timing Cover

Item #: MREAR9916

Price: $350.95

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Fits: Big Block B/RB, Hemi

This is a part with a long history. The whole story started several years ago when I wanted to build a stroker motor with a roller cam. I tried several different solutions to set the end play or thrust adjustment on the camshaft, but nothing worked very well. The best advice I could get from any of the vendors was either, "We've never had a complaint before", or "Just use a hammer until the end play is correct". Needless to say I wasn't impressed. So I fired up the machining center and carved my own timing chain cover out of billet aluminum. While I was at it I created a removable stainless steel center which was sealed by a double o-ring arrangement. This removable center allows a person to inspect the cam drive and adjust it if they are using an adjustable top gear. With the cover in place the roller button on the cam nose has a firm place to set end play from. I've been running this timing chain cover on the stroker motor now for several years and it is dead solid. The best thing about it is that it is bone dry after years of service. The rail is about 0.500 inches thick and it really seals up the front of the motor. The front of the cover is machined to accept the factory oil seal as well as the oil slinger. A pointer for TDC is machined into the cover and fitted with a pointed pin. This cover fits under the MP aluminum water pump housing, but it won't clear some of the factory cast iron housings without grinding. Hopefully you'll grind on the water pump housing and not the timing chain cover!

Being able to set the cam timing without removing the harmonic dampener or the timing chain cover is one big advantage of the timing chain cover. When using the Hex-adjust timing set from Cloyes, the cam phasing can be adjusted +/- 6 degrees by just removing the center access cover. A thrust button completes the setup but be prepared to machine the button to fit. We haven't found an off-the-shelf button yet that works 100% of the time although the one from Comp Cams does come close