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Lokar Competitor Series Throttle Pedal Assembly

Item #: LOKBAG-6145

Price: $267.99



Fits: 1967-69, Dart, Barracuda

Throttle Pedal Assembly, Billet Aluminum, Brushed, Firewall Mount, Rubber Insert, Each

Pedal Type: Throttle

Gas Pedal Shape: Rectangle

Gas Pedal Width: 2.000 in.

Gas Pedal Length: 5.000 in.

Pedal Mounting Location: Firewall mount

Throttle Cable Included: No

Balance Bar Included: No

Master Cylinder Included: No

Pedal Material: Aluminum

Pedal Finish: Brushed

Pedal Pad Material: Aluminum/Rubber

Pedal Pad Finish: Brushed

Quantity: Sold individually.

These Lokar Competitor Series throttle pedal assemblies are designed with a unique internal spanner nut, ensuring perfect pedal tension. By adding this built-in tensioning feature, Lokar has eliminated the possibility of excess slop in the throttle pedal. Another milestone of the Lokar Competitor Series throttle pedal assemblies is their incredibly sturdy mounting base. The design of these pedals has enabled them to provide over a 1 1/4 in. wide mounting base, yet maintain a narrow and sleek appearance. As if that weren't enough, the mounting base is available in either a centered or an offset version, which will raise or lower the center of the throttle assembly by an entire inch. This feature is incredibly accommodating when installing the pedals in a vehicle that already has the throttle cable installed. In Lokar's everlasting quest for perfection, they have also built the pedal assemblies with their exclusive large-diameter, 3/4 in. x 48-tooth, fine-spline steel insert to provide the ultimate in strength and durability. This also allows for infinitely adjustable arms, which can be swapped for the right and left adjustment of the throttle pad. All of these features, coupled with a spring-loaded throttle pad, Delrin bushings, and a superior design, have made the Lokar Competitor Series throttle pedal assemblies the finest and most versatile throttle pedals available. All Lokar products are made in the USA and carry a lifetime warranty.