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LowBoyz Carburetor Flow Caps

The Lowboyz was developed with 5 objectives in mind:

Elimination of Hood Clearance Problem - When you have a muscle car with a high raise intake and a 1-inch spacer, there is a chance you will have hood clearance problems. The low-profile design of The Lowboyz eliminates this issue.

Achieve Maximum Air-Flow - In order for your engine to perform, it needs a certain amount of air-flow through the carburetor. The Lowboyz has been designed to achieve maximum air flow.

Effective Engine Protection - The LowBoyz allows you to work around the top of your engine without worrying about dropping screws, bolts, or anything that may cause internal engine damage.

Cool Carburetor Display - The LowBoyz allows you to safely display carburetor on your engine. Muscle car owners spend a lot of money on highly polished, pretty carburetors which enhance the look of their powerful engines. The Lowboyz allows you to display your carburetor out in the open to accent the look of your car.

Maintain Consistent Air Mixture Settings - The LowBoyz allows you to set your carburetor with a vacuum gauge and the settings will not change. When you set your carburetor float and your air mixture screws according to your carburetor settings, placing a full-size air cleaner on your carburetor will modify those settings. A full-size air cleaner restricts air flow. The LowBoyz eliminates that issue entirely.

LowBoyz Carburetor Cover
Fits: All Carburetors with 5-1/8" opening.
LowBoyz Carburetor Cover
Fits: Holley Dominator 4500