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Lakewood Bellhousing - Small Mopar & Gen 3 Hemi

Item #: LWILK7000K

Price: $461.99



Fits: 273-360 A Eng & G3 HEMI

This Lakewood cast aluminum bellhousing connects Mopar 318, 360, or Gen III Hemi engines to Mopar 3 spd, Mopar 4 spd, or Ford style TKX/TKO transmission. Designed as a compact, lightweight option for transmission swaps. It uses a 130-tooth flywheel with a 10.5-inch clutch and is suited for mechanical or hydraulic clutch actuation. Designed for use with 130-Tooth Flywheel and 10.5-inch MAX diameter clutch and Left-hand starters with alignment nose. Included alignment ring sizes are 4.345 inch, 4.807 inch, and 4.850 inch I.D. (inside dimension). Also included in the kit: Clutch fork brackets, clutch fork boot, inspection dust cover, and all hardware.

Direct Fit For Mopar 318,360 Small Block Or Gen 3 Hemi Engines Using A Mopar 3 Spd, Mopar 4 Spd Or Ford Style TKX/TKO Transmission

Designed For 130 Tooth Flywheel With 10.5 Inch Clutch For Tighter, Swap-Friendly Dimensions

Includes Transmission Alignment Rings For Correct Fitment Of All Applicable Transmissions

Lower Cost Option For Projects That Do Not Require A Steel SFI Rated Unit

Lightweight Cast Aluminum Design Similar To Original Equipment Bellhousings