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Inline Tube Brake Hose Kit, Disc Brakes Dana Rear End

Item #: ILTMN1043

Price: $85.00



Fits: 1969 Polara / Monaco / Fury I, II, III, Sport

All stainless braided hoses come complete with the banjo bolts, crush washers, and the clips to hold them in place. Drum brake & some disc hoses do not have banjos or crush washers.

Stainless Steel hoses are a perfect finish to a brake upgrade. They provide a high-tech appearance, while improving brake pedal stiffness. Stainless hoses vary in appearance from the original. Smaller in diameter and some of the end fitting detail will vary but function and fit the same as the original rubber hose. Stainless braided hoses have a clear covering over the stainless braid, this exclusive covering keeps the braid clean and bright. If the hoses get dirty they can be wiped clean.