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Pro-Street 30 Series Torque Converter

Item #: HUG24-30HD

Price: $869.99



Fits: 3,000 rpm Stall, Torqueflite 727

Input Spline Quantity: 24

Anti-Ballooning Plate: No

Lockup Compatible: No

Diameter (in): 11.000 in.

Furnace-Brazed: Yes

Balanced: Yes

Mounting Hardware Included: No

Torque Converter Stall Note: Actual stall speed may differ due to engine combination, gear selection, and vehicle weight.

Quantity: Sold individually.

Notes: Contains special heavy duty sprag. Converter is a neutral balance.

The most important factor in performance driving is how your car leaves the starting line. For this reason, all Hughes Performance Pro-Street 30 converters are brazed to increase strength and have a full needle bearing design to ensure reliability. Excellent for weekend racing and high performance street use, they also have a strengthened sprag for durability.