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Hughes Engines Main Bearing Stud Girdle

Item #: MREHU7380K

Price: $502.99

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Fits: All Big Blocks, except Hemi's

Never worry about the bottom end holding together again! Adding our new girdle kit to your Mopar will greatly increase its strength. Illustrated instructions are included. The Big Block girdle ties the main studs into the pan studs and block skirt area, too, and there is no machine work required. The kits are supplied with studs for their superior clamping ability. When installing studs, the block must be line honed, unless it was previously line honed with studs. Using longer studs will not alter the main bore alignment. This kit will require that your block either has been, or will be line honed with main studs.

Each Kit Contains:

1/4" steel Main stud girdle

ARP, black oxide coated, 190,000 psi tensile strength studs with nuts and washers

6 point nuts

ARP moly lube

Oil Pan Gasket

Assorted ½" shims

Real world, easy-to-follow instructions

Oil Pan studs (long enough for cast pans!) & nuts