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Holley Replacement Power Valve

Item #: HLY125-165

Price: $25.99



Fits: High Flow, Single Stage, 6.5 in. Hg, with Gasket

Power Valve Type: Single stage

Power Valve Style: High flow

Primary Stage Opening Vacuum: 6.5 in. Hg

Gaskets Included: Yes

Quantity: Sold individually.

These power valves are an important component in the power enrichment circuit of Holley's performance carburetors. They operate by using engine vacuum to control their opening and closing rate. When they open, additional fuel is supplied to the main system during heavy load or under full power situations to eliminate hesitation and bogging--ensuring the smooth delivery of power without any drivability concerns. They're available in many different vacuum ranges to time the system's operation to your specific requirements, and they come in your choice of single-stage, two-stage, and high-flow designs. A gasket is included.