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Holley Ready-to-Run HyperSpark Distributor

Item #: HLY565-345

Price: $409.99



Fits: Chrysler 383, 400

HyperSpark Ready to Run adds plug and play ignition timing control to any Holley EFI system. This line of distributors comes with a built-in ignition coil driver, removing the need of mounting an ignition box or external coil driver. The design includes a single Hall Effect sensor providing engine rpm to the ECU. The precision shutter wheel design ensures accurate timing, even at very high engine speeds. They can also be used with other EFI systems that support a Hall Effect crank signal input.

Easiest plug-and-play way to add timing control to any Sniper EFI installation

Designed to work with HyperSpark ignition coil PN 556-152, also compatible with most canister ignition coils using the supplied ring terminals

Built-in ignition coil driver, safely provides enough spark energy for applications up to 450 hp

Patented clear installation cap eliminates any confusion while installing the distributor

Cast aluminum distributor housing looks right at home in nearly every engine bay

Comes with cast gear installed - contact camshaft manufacturer for recommended gear material

565-341S – comes with steel gear for SBF applications with an aftermarket camshaft

Precision shutter wheel provides the ECU a clean rpm signal via a single Hall Effect sensor, ensuring accurate timing even at high engine rpm

Shutter wheel design allows for a “timed sequential” fueling strategy with Terminator X, HP, and Dominator ECU’s

Includes wire retainer for a clean installation