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Gen III Hemi Engine Mounting Brackets for 1966-1972 Mopar B-Body with V8 K-member

Item #: HKRBHS531

Price: $155.99



Fits: 1966-72 B-Body Dodge & Plymouth

Hooker Blackheart engine swap mounts allow easy installation of the Gen III Hemi engine in your 1966-72 Mopar B-Body.

These engine-mounting brackets are part of an engineered solution that works together with the transmission crossmember and headers to optimize the engine placement & component clearances along with ideal drivetrain / U-joint operation angles.

The engine placement eliminates modifications to the firewall and the engine mount brackets fit the K-member on cars that originally came from the factory with a V8. Clearance was provided for the use of Short Runner Valve (SRV) intake solenoid, low mount alternator, and low mount A/C Compressors when used with a VVT (Variable Valve Timing) accessory drive.


• Engineered Engine Mount System Works Together with Hooker Blackheart Transmission Crossmember, Long Tube Headers, and Exhaust Systems for an Easy Trouble Free Gen III Hemi Engine Swap in the 1966-72 Mopar B-Body Platform

• Use w/ Gen III Hemi Engines 2003 & Up 5.7L/6.1L/6.2L/6.4L Engines and V8 K-member

• Heavy Duty 3/16” Steel Construction for Strength & Durability

• Short Runner Valve (SRV) Intake Solenoid Clears Firewall – Eliminates Firewall Modifications or Need to Eliminate SRV & Sacrifice Top End Performance

• Features all 4 OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Engine Mount Bolt Holes – for OEM Style Mounting & Strength

• Drivers Side Engine Mounts Feature a 5th Bolt Hole That Can be Used on Later Engine Blocks to Simplify Installation

• Engine Setback and Crankshaft Centerlines Provide the Most Transmission Alternatives with the Least Amount of Sheet Metal Work to the Transmission Tunnel and Optimize Driveline Angles

• Welded Steel Construction w/ Black coating for Great Looks and Durability

• Uses OEM Rubber or any OEM Style Polyurethane Isolator (w/ Typical Block Clearance Performed)

• Includes (2) Engine Mounting Brackets, Attaching Hardware & Instructions Installation of these brackets requires the use of new OE Style rubber or Polyurethane engine mounts MRE2250 (mounts require typical modifications for engine block clearance).

Installing a GEN3 HEMI into this vehicle will require the engine to have a mid-sump oil pan.

Use with BlackHeart Headers BH2358 (tested for correct fitment with these engine mounts).

K-Member clearance will need to be performed to accommodate low mount A/ C compressors ( on 2009 & Up engines that came with VVT) Vehicles that came from the factory with a Slant-6 engine will need to swap out the K-member with one from a V8 engine.

Use with BHS532 Transmission Crossmember and Transmission Specific Adapter (sold separately) BHS534 A727 Transmission Adapter BHS535 NAG1 Transmission Adapter BHS536 8HP70 Transmission Adapter