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Electronic Distributor Conversion Kit

Item #: MOP440-427

Price: $169.99



Fits: 361, 383, 400

Conversion Kit Trigger Style: Magnetic

Ground: Negative

Advance Type: Vacuum and mechanical

Rev Limiter: No

Volts: 12 V

Quantity: Sold as a kit. Mopar Licensed electronic distributor conversion kits are complete high performance packages that will convert your old point-type ignition to a new electronic ignition. kits are made entirely from new, not rebuilt components. Order the model designed for your vehicle make and engine application.

These Mopar Licensed kits include:

* Prominently displayed retro-style Mopar logo

* Includes magnetic pickup-type distributor with mechanical and vacuum advance

* Electronic control unit box, wiring harness, and ballast resistor

* Tan female socket-type distributor cap

* Detailed installation instructions