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Edelbrock Carburetor Adapter

Item #: EDE2696

Price: $38.99



4-Hole, Square Bore Carb, Spread Bore Manifold, .850 in. Thick

Carburetor Adapter, 4-Hole, Square Bore Carburetor, Spread Bore Manifold, .850 in. Thick, Each

Adapter Style: Individual venturi ports

Height (in): 0.850 in.

Hardware Included: Yes

Gaskets Included: Yes

Adapter Material: Aluminum

Adapter Finish: Natural

Quantity: Sold as a kit.

Notes: To use the threaded vacuum port on this adapter an 1/8 in. hole must be drilled in each of the rear venturies to open the flow of vacuum to the port.

These carburetor adapters from Edelbrock allow you to use almost any carburetor on almost any intake. They will save you the hassle and expense of purchasing all-new components when changing carburetors or intakes.