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DEI Heat Screen Radiant Matting

Item #: DSN10401

Price: $70.99



Fits: 36 in. x 40 in., Universal

Length (in): 36.000 in.

Width (in): 40.000 in.

Maximum Ambient Temperature (F): 1,200 degrees F

Installation: Spray-on adhesive

Heat Protection Color: Silver

Quantity: Sold individually.

DEI Radiant Matting Heat Screens feature double sided aluminized radiant construction that provides superior heat protection. One side protects from direct heat sources up to 1,000 degrees F, while the reverse aluminized side protects against radiant heat sources up to 2,000 degrees F. Heat Screens can be used to protect the driver's compartment from excess heat; to protect areas where excessive heat can blister paint; where exhaust pipes run close to the fuel tank; and many other applications too numerous to mention. This material can be applied with a high temperature adhesive, or fastened down with screws or rivets.