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Comp Cams Dual Valve Springs

Item #: COM925-16

Price: $156.99



1.510 in. Outside Diameter, 395 lbs./in. Rate

Dual, 1.510 in. Outside Diameter, 395 lbs./in. Rate, 1.100 in. Coil Bind Height

Number of Springs Per Valve: Dual

Outside Diameter of Outer Spring (in): 1.509 in.

Coil Bind Height (in): 1.175 in.

Damper Spring Included: Yes

Spring Rate (lbs/in): 395 lbs./in.

Inside Diameter of Outer Spring (in): 1.125 in.

Inside Diameter of Inner Spring (in): 0.697 in.

Valve Spring Style: Standard

Valve Springs Coated: No

Quantity: Sold as a set of 16.

Valve springs are one of the most critical and overlooked components in your engine. They must be matched to your cam in order for the engine to reach its full potential. It does absolutely no good to install a cam that will perform up to 8,000 rpm if you do not have the correct springs. Use the only valve springs that will give the recommended spring pressure with the valve both on the seat and at maximum lift. COMP Cams valve springs are offered in single and dual styles to meet your cam requirements.