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Cometic Aramid Fiber Intake Gasket Set

Item #: CAGC15194

Price: $37.99



Fits: 6.1 L, Gen III Hemi

Supercharging your 6.1L or stroker motor? At HHP we install these high quality intake gaskets on all of our blown SRT-8's to prevent vacuum/boost leaks around the intake to head surface. The OEM intake gaskets are decent but due to thin walls between the oil fill and #1 & #3 intake runners the only way to almost guarantee the think oem intake gasket will not leak at this location is to fortify it with a gasket like this. This is an heavier version gasket of their already great C5197

Thickness (in.): 0.062

Port Style: Stock

Upper Intake Manifold Plenum Gasket Included: No

Quantity: Sold as a pair.

Notes: Designed for application equipped with factory Whipple style superchargers.