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Clevite P-Series Main Bearings

Item #: M77MS2220P

Price: $91.99



Fits: 5.7L/6.1L - Standard Size

Bearing Usage: Direct replacement

Engine Crankshaft Undersize (in.): Stock

Engine Crankshaft Undersize (mm): Stock

Grooved Bearing: Yes

Groove Location: Upper

Groove Style: 1/2

Bearing Material: Tri-metal, TM-77

Quantity: Sold as a set of 5.

P-Series main bearings are the oldest members of the Clevite 77 bearing family and are intended for high-revving engines. To compensate for the high-load factors and distortion in these engines, these bearings have higher eccentricity and a high crush factor. P-Series bearings are built on steel backings with extra-thin overlays to prevent overlay fatigue. In addition, the oil grooves on most applications extend all the way around both halves for better oiling.