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Aeromotive Street/Strip Fuel Pump

Item #: AFS11203

Price: $349.99



External, Gas/Alcohol, Universal

Fuel Pump, Electric, Street Rod, External, Gas/Alcohol, Universal, Each

Free Flow Rate: 150 gph

Maximum Pressure (psi): 14 psi

Inlet Size: 3/8 in. NPT

Inlet Quantity: One

Inlet Attachment: Female threads

Outlet Size: 3/8 in. NPT

Outlet Quantity: One

Outlet Attachment: Female threads

Quantity: Sold individually.

Ideal for daily drivers, street rods, boats, and bracket cars, these Aeromotive street/strip fuel pumps will deliver the durability and reliability you expect without breaking the bank. How can you go wrong?

Features include:

* 900 lbs./hr. of fuel flow at 13.5 V

* Highly durable pumping mechanism guaranteed to never wear out

* 3/8 in. ports

* Alcohol compatibility

* Low amperage draw