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AED Ultimate Performance Carburetor Kit

Item #: AED2300

Price: $31.99



Fits: Holley, 2300 Models

Rebuild Kit Type: Rebuild kit

Quantity: Sold as a kit.

AED has combined every possible add-on feature and incorporated it into each of these Ultimate Performance carburetor kits to give you longer-lasting and improved performance from your Holley carburetor. Most of the features that you would buy separately are already included.

Features include:

* High-flow needle and seats

* Nylon reusable needle and seat gaskets

* Nylon reusable bowl screw gaskets

* New brass idle mixture screws

* New needle and seat nuts and screws

* New accelerator pump squirter check valves

* Special no-leak fuel inlet gaskets

* Non-stick bowl and metering gaskets

* Only the highest quality components made