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Mancini Racing Accelerator Cable Mounting Bracket

Item #: MREBU3395

Price: $49.99



Fits: Most 904,998,999,500,42R,727,518,& 46R

Found on Mopar 6 cylinders, A-engines, B/RB engines and Hemi's. Height of the intake manifold or placement of carburetor does not effect installation. The length of your accelerator cable will be the only limit you have. Works as a great compliment to our Kickdown Cable Kit (#MRE-BU3350). It cleans up the intake manifold area of your engine. Works with all manual transmission vehicles, but will not work with OE Kickdown Linkage.

This new Accelerator Cable Bracket is so adjustable that the sky is the limit when it comes to adjusting the Angle and Height of the bracket just by adjusting and using longer 10-24 screws with spacers (not included in MRE-BU3395 Kit). Made from ¼” copper tubing. Part comes with instruction sheet.