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Mancini Racing Extreme Chrysler Mini Starter

Item #: MREBU61R274

Price: $282.99



Fits: Gen III Hemi Chrysler Engines

Gen III 5.7L, 6.1L, 6.2L & 6.4L Engines all using the Following Transmissions:

* Torqueflite Transmissions including 727, 904, 500, & 518

* Manual Transmissions including A230, A250, A833, TKO500, TKO600, T-56

* Starter is located in the conventional Left side (drivers Side) Location

* Gives Builder/Installer the Absolute Maximum Clearance Ever found with a Mopar Starter, Especially Using TTI Headers numbers TTI61HCA , TTI61HC, TTI64LC4, TTI64LHCA-R1, & TTI61ET134.

* Powerful 1.7 kw motor

* Permanent Magnet Fields, tends to not show problems as quickly in hot areas

* Weighs only 7 lbs 1oz. That beats even the lightest Mopar Starter on the market by almost 1 1/2 lbs

* Fits Tight area much better than Powermaster #9523 Rotation Head Starter and the Normal Mopar Performance Lite Weight Starter (like our #644 Starter)

* Not a Reduction Gear Starter

* Will not fit Original Street Hemi BellHousing/Applications

Note: As in all Gen III Hemi Installations utizing Torqueflite & Manual Transmissions (except 545RFE, TR6060, & A580 Nag1), Cylinder Block on drivers side lower rear above pan rail must be clearanced for ALL Starter installations. Failure to do so will destroy Flywheel/Torque Converter Ring Gear and/or Starter