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Mr.Gasket Header Bolts

Item #: MRG976

Price: $18.99



Fits: Small Block

Header Bolts, Hex Head, Steel, Black Oxide, 5/16 in.-18, 0.750 in. U.H.L., Set of 14

Fastener Style: Bolt

Thread Size: 5/16 in.

Head Style: Hex

Underhead Length (in): 0.750 in.

Underhead Length (mm): 19.00mm

Fastener Material: Steel

Fastener Finish: Black oxide

Quantity: Sold as a set of 14.

Installing headers can sometimes be a real pain, due to the tight spaces and the location and shape of the tubes. Mr. Gasket can help make installation a little easier and also help prevent annoying exhaust leaks from under-tightened header bolts. They have both the socket-head and hex-head styles of header bolts available. Hex types are heat-treated Grade 5 steel and have smaller-than-standard heads to ease access in tight spaces. Socket-head bolts are made from stronger Grade 8 steel for added ruggedness and they're great for those really difficult-to-reach spots. Both styles have a protective black oxide finish.