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Trick Flow PowerPort 240 Cylinder Head

Item #: TFS61617801-C00

Price: $1,279.99

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Fits: Big Block

Aluminum, Assembled, 78cc Chamber, Mopar, Each

Cylinder Head Style: Assembled

Cylinder Head Material: Aluminum

Cylinder Head Finish: Natural

Combustion Chamber Volume (cc): 78

CNC-Machined Combustion Chamber: Yes

Intake Runner Volume (cc): 240cc

Exhaust Runner Volume (cc): 74cc

CNC-Machined Intake Runner: Yes

CNC-Machined Exhaust Runner: Yes

Combustion Chamber Style: Heart

Intake Port Shape: Rectangular

Intake Port Location: Standard

Exhaust Port Shape: Oval

Exhaust Port Location: Standard

Intake Valves Included: Yes

Intake Valve Diameter (in): 2.190 in.

Exhaust Valves Included: Yes

Exhaust Valve Diameter (in): 1.760 in.

Valve Springs Included: Yes

Maximum Valve Lift (in): 0.650 in.

Outside Diameter of Outer Spring (in): 1.460 in.

Damper Spring Included: Yes

Number of Springs Per Valve: Dual

Retainers Included: Yes

Retainer Material: Steel

Locks Included: Yes

Lock Style: 7 degree

Valve Stem Seals Included: Yes

Valve Stem Seal Style: Positive stop

Rocker Arm Studs Included: No

Rocker Arms Included: No

Rocker Arm Nuts Included: No

Guideplates Included: No

Valve Cover Mounting Style: Perimeter bolt

Accessory Bolt Holes Drilled: Yes

Intake Valve Angle: 15

Exhaust Valve Angle: 15

Valve Guides Included: Yes

Valve Guide Material: Bronze

Valve Seats Machined: Yes

Valve Seat Machine Style: 3-angle

Valve Seat Material: Ductile iron

Steam Holes Drilled: No

Oiling Style: Through head

Machined for O-Ring: No

Heat Crossover: No

Quantity: Sold individually.

Once you see Trick Flow's PowerPort 240 head for big block Mopar in action, you'll agree they are the only aftermarket aluminum heads worth using on your engine!

What makes PowerPort 240 heads so great? For starters, they're made from premium grade A356-T61 aluminum. That's important because it weighs a lot less than cast iron and is very strong. Trick Flow engineers then fixed the shortcomings of the factory head design by relocating the oil holes for the rocker shafts and optimizing the shape of the runners to increase flow velocity and add much needed strength to the shaft bosses. Fully profiled combustion chambers and CNC Street Ported runners guarantee proper dimensional accuracy and balanced flow from runner-to-runner for maximum power potential.

Additional advantages of PowerPort 240 heads over stock heads include clearance for 3/8" pushrods, ductile iron valve seats, bronze alloy valve guides, and multi-angle valve seat machining on precision Serdi equipment. Assembled cylinder heads come with premium 11/32" stainless steel valves, Trick Flow by PAC Racing valve springs, chromoly and titanium retainer options, and 7° or 10° steel valve stem locks.

Since swapping cylinder heads can be a costly and time-consuming process, Trick Flow designed the PowerPort 240 heads to accommodate all factory-style big block Mopar pistons, roller rocker arms, intake manifolds, and headers