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Engine Parts White Corner

Restoration Engine Bolt Packages.

The authentic hardware you need to correctly reassemble the engine components which attach to the long-block.

Most fasteners are either meticulous reproductions or New Old Stock.

Automotive companies used multiple suppliers for high volume part numbers.

We carefully select popular markings. The most significant items may be seen in the BULK section, others are not shown.

Most items are made in USA to the same standards required by Chrysler.

Typical kit includes fasteners to attach: air cleaner, carburetor, carb solenoid, choke, crank pulley & damper, distributor, exhaust manifolds, exhaust pipe, fan , fan clutch, fuel pump, heat shroud, heat tubes, ignition coil, intake manifold, oil pan, throttle cable brackets, timing cover, valve covers, water neck, water pump & housing..

AMK Master Engine Bolt Kit
Fits: 1968-69, A/B Body, 383/440
AMK Master Engine Bolt Kit
Fits: 1970-74 B/E Body, 383/440
Mancini Racing Master Engine Bolt Package
Fits: 1969-71, B/E Body, 440 Six Pack
Mancini Racing Master Engine Bolt Kit
Fits: 1964-67, B Body, 383/440