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PRW Platinum Series Xtreme Duty Flexplate

Item #: PQX1844010

Regular Price: $67.50

Sale Price: $60.95

You Save: $6.55 (10%)



Fits: Small/Big Block Mopar 273-440

• Exceeds SFI specification 29.1

• Accepts various size torque converter bolt patterns

• Precision machined and robotically welded

• Hand inspected to ensure consistent quality

• Ideal for extreme high performance applications

Platinum Series flexplate for MoPar engines is specifically engineered to handle the punishment that is dished out by today's high performance engines. The centerplate is 4mm thick and is a solid foundation for the rest of the design. The 1844010 ring gear is precision robotically welded and meets all of the applicable SFI specs. Then each 1844010 flexplate is rigorously inspected to make sure it meets all design criteria and can stand up to extreme duty applications. Whenever possible, PRW's engineers have designed these flexplates to accommodate various styles and sizes of torque converters. There is a great deal of interchangeability between many Ford and GM converters. The dual bolt pattern is available for all 157 tooth and 164 tooth internal balance and 28 oz or 50 oz external balance models.

For 10" or 11-1/8" converter, 6 bolt crank, internal balance